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Neeraj Parekh

I'm a Fintech Sales Professional providing Business Development as a service to bring your business to the next level.

Set goals

Know what you aim to achieve. Set short and long term goals before you get started.

Work hard

Go ahead and start the journey. You’ll be struggling, but you’ll be enjoying it.

Get results

Gain your achievements! You’re on the right way, so keep moving forward.

 Your business development candidate 

Helping you with the following areas to increase the growth of your business.


& Brand Communication

Creating valuable content and distributing empowering the sales and front-liners to strike meaningful conversations with end customer and gain the attention of the target audience. #contentmatters



End to End Key Account + Customer Success Responsibilities enabling deeper penetration into Key Strategic Accounts driving towards Happy Profit books by enabling trust factor with strong inter-personal & relationship with Stake holders. #showmethemoney



Sourcing the right Talent meant for Fintech Business Development Roles, Onboard, Groom and cultivate their strengths to align with your business goals. #scoutingavengers


New Logo Acquisition

Focused Approach on the building the sales funnel right from Qualified lead sourcing, nurturing to acquiring the customer and thereby ensuring your business revenue acceleration for future Q-on-Q. #manykings



Fixing the dead-lock or sour deals by repairing business- client relationship  and coming to an amicable understanding. #HoldingTheBridge



Enabling an empowered culture for the team to feel confident about themselves and strike gold to their strengths. Optimized productivity for a greener business. #theAteam

While also providing

Team Grooming

You have my ongoing support on team's soft-skills, people management and product dialogue delivery

Relationship management

Being the shoe to their foot, helps me stem foundational relationships and much to advantage of by business partners.

Consultative Selling

Narrating a finely weaved story is all it takes to mesmerize your prospect, because at heart we all are kids and will always want more and more stories :)

A glimpse of my journey

Life Happened and how :) I am glad with all the circumstances life made me experience. Its the failures that brought true happiness in disguise of wisdom for my present and future self. It's surprising how humble it can make you, if you choose to accept and learn from it !! 

Life Learnings

1. Time-Management is the  key, If you snooze, you loose ! 2. Know your customer, like knowing your child 3. Read ! Read ! Read!  

Professional Snap Shot

Before becoming an independent Business Development consultant, I started my career in the corporate world at an early age of 18. That's right I complete 15 Years in the industry effectively.

  • Date of Birth : 03rd May 1988

  • Live in : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

  • Marital Status : Married since 2018

  • Education : MBA Marketing | B.E. Electronics

  • Believes In : Decarbonisation, Digitisation 

 1 B

Revenue INR



15 yrs




What to expect

Well, it takes just a little bit of time and a lot of coffee. But then here is what you can expect:

  • Solutions to Problems: I believe in involving the leadership s time when I absolutely don't have a solution!! Keep Calm if you don't hear much from me, because Ship is Sailing Smooth.

  • Transparent Reporting: Expect to get reports as is in their truest form. If the gold is mine, so is the shit!! Ownership of every decision executed and results to those.

  • High-touch Local Customer Interaction: Expect to witness a close working relationship with end-customers.

Vinay Bakshi -Product Owner and Business Analysis - ANZ Bank

Still recall the day we teamed up as Sales + pre-sales, And it has been wonders since then. As a Sales and Marketing professional, appreciate Neeraj for his Lead generation, account handling and closures. There's been lot of times where he had smartly handled situations at Sales level to empower Service Delivery team with what they want....Not to forget, Neeraj's relationship building has lot of time helped in soothing not so smooth situations with clients

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